Top Traits to Look for in a Military Defense Attorney

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Top tips for finding a qualified and dedicated military defense attorney.

For military personnel, discovering they have a need for a military defense attorney is rarely a cause for celebration. Whether it be security clearances, administrative separations, military record corrections, or instances of alleged criminal activity, the services of an experienced military defense attorney are always in high demand.  

With the high number of practicing military defense attorneys throughout the nation, it can be challenging for prospective defendants to know what to look for in qualified representation. This article aims to provide some useful tips on what clients should look for in a military defense attorney.

Level of Experience

Every professional, regardless of their field, has to get their start somewhere. While a newly-licensed military defense attorney is not inherently to be avoided, clients often want to ensure that their legal representation has had sufficient experience in the courtroom and courts-martial process. If you are considering eliciting the services of an attorney with less experience, look for signs of experience from the firm as a whole. For example, are there experienced attorneys on the management team of the firm? Prospective clients should not be afraid to compare the experience and levels of expertise between firms before making an informed decision about their representation.

Effective Communication Skills

In any profession, the nature of effective communication skills will extend well beyond precise articulation and a large vocabulary. To be a good communicator means being able to captivate an audience and deliver your points in order to achieve stated goals. When discussing military defense attorneys, in particular, this ability to communicate well can impact the outcome of the courts-martial process as it relates to security clearances, administrative separations, military record corrections, and cases of military criminal justice.

Scheduling and Availability

Reports indicate that in the fiscal year 2021, the US Department of Defense processed 1,361 general courts-martial cases. Needless to say, military defense attorneys are in high demand and therefore very busy individuals. When looking for representation, prospective clients should ask how the attorneys will work their case into the existing workflow, and make sure that you and your attorney develop a plan for regularly scheduled communication in order to review your case and any upcoming dates and deadlines.

Clarity and Honesty

When discussing your case with a military defense attorney, it is natural to expect them to discuss a desirable outcome. However, no honest attorney can make such a promise. Although there may be confidence that a specific outcome is attainable, making a guarantee is not possible. Any lawyer who makes promises (especially before even being hired) is not being one hundred percent honest and transparent with a prospective client. Instead, these attorneys just want business any way they can get it.

Individuals are always advised to look for an attorney who doesn’t sound like they’re just telling them what they want to hear during the initial case consultation. Prioritize hiring an attorney who is able to clearly explain how they expect your case to play out.

How a Military Defense Lawyer Can Help

For years, the Norfolk military defense lawyers at The Griffin Law Firm have been helping military personnel as they navigate the courts-martial process. Contact The Griffin Law Firm today for expert insight and guidance into your case.

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